About us

AIM, established in 2003, is a reality made of people.

People from diverse cultural and territorial backgrounds who love challenges and teamwork.

We share common values and a passion for technological innovation.

We firmly believe that the responsible use of technology improves the quality of our lives and provides us with the valuable asset of Free Time.

“For a responsible use of technology”
Marco Favero, CEO AIM

Marco & Alberto Favero, Founders of AIM

AIM was founded in 2003 in Valdobbiadene by two brothers, Marco and Alberto Favero. The company boasts international clients and established partnerships.

“I am proud to represent a company that has renewed itself over time while consolidating its core values: listening to the requirements of our clients and driving innovation.
All of this has only been possible thanks to everyone on our team. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm over all these years.” – Marco Favero.

AIM Major’s workforce draws new energy from the continuous placement of talent incubated in our AIM Docet division.

Companies can benefit from combining deep technical knowledge, humanity, and foresight to guide them through the digital transition.
Our new challenges include IOT integration between SAP and AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and robotics.

Our team

As a team of SAP experts, we are committed to assisting companies maximize the full potential of SAP management.